Uniview HQ.

Market research organization Omdia reports that Uniview has ranked fourth in the global intelligent video surveillance market. Meanwhile, Uniview remains in 3rd place in the Chinese market.

According to Omdia, Uniview’s position is:

* In the market of network security cameras, Uniview ranked the 3rd
* In the backend (encoder, recorders and VMS) market, Uniview ranked the 3rd
* In the market of Linux-based storage devices (NVR/DVR, and hybrid storage devices), Uniview ranked the 3rd
* In VMS platform market, Uniview ranked the 3rd
* In the market of servers, storage and HCI, Uniview was the 4th largest manufacturer
* In the standalone video analytics software market, Uniview ranked 3rd.

“In the past eight years (2011-2019), Uniview has broken through to become a world-class enterprise at the revenue scale and application technology level, and 90 per cent of our IP cameras are AI cameras with intelligent functions,” said Hermit Zhang, president of Uniview. “But…there’s still a long way to go in intelligent innovation.

“Taking machine learning as an example, it is mostly focused on people and vehicles; the front-end, back-end, and edge intelligence which are in a very narrow range. In the future, the real machine learning will cover the whole spectrum, and the whole natural state, including animal bionics.

“In terms of organizational structure and innovation trials, Uniview is doing research work 5 to 10 years ahead of time to support a trillion-level global AIoT market.”