Victoria continues to report hundreds of new cases of COVID-19 daily as the state’s outbreak threatens to run away on authorities.

For security managers and security suppliers, the re-emergence of the virus after it was all but eliminated in the state just 8 weeks ago, is a reminder just how quickly things can get out of hand if COVID-19 is not tightly controlled in the community. Whether the outbreak crosses the border into NSW remains to be seen, but chances are high that it will.

Security solutions, including proximity detection and reporting access control modules, proximity detection modules and solutions for CCTV, more rigorous COVID-19 management procedures – including mandatory masks – hands-free access control entry and exit solutions and devices are all back on the table. Anti-viral surfaces and coatings may also have a role to play.

Regular temperature taking is important. Staff who can still work during lockdown – that includes most of the electronic security industry – should be taking temperatures every morning before work. How this is handled on site is a matter for individual organisations.

There are other issues that have been highlighted over the last couple of weeks, including increasing pressure on the WHO to declare face masks as recommended, given the viruses’ seeming capacity for longer range airborne infections. Also troubling are reports shared bathrooms may be playing a role in the spread.

If the importance of security and automation systems that can be remotely managed was not clear already, this latest development underlines the fact end users need flexible control from anywhere and it’s up to the industry – manufacturers and integrators – to make sure they have it.