Incedo Business connects all ASSA ABLOY security software and hardware within one access management platform allowing initiating, cancelling or amending access profiles, and monitoring movement around a site in real time.

Building users get the individual access times and entry permissions they need and can move freely without compromising the security of other people and equipment. Integrators can upgrade connected technologies and systems quickly, minimizing risk and meeting customers’ raised expectations of modern technology. Installers no longer need to wrestle with incompatible systems because easy interoperability is built into Incedo, meaning no more delays or unnecessary complexity.

With Incedo’s modular platform approach, an end users chooses the security hardware and credentials required and the appropriate management system option. Managers set who can access which doors when from the user-friendly Incedo Business software interface.

Incedo Business supports Incedo-enabled security and access control hardware. Road-tested, award-winning ASSA ABLOY wireless digital locks and wired ASSA ABLOY wall readers secure all interior and exterior doors. There’s a choice of card and token credentials as well as Incedo mobile keys.

Incedo’s system management options, Lite, Plus and Cloud, scale from entry level up to cloud-based administration. Users can manage multiple sites and third-party integrations, including security solutions like CCTV. It’s also possible to scale up and down, add or remove hardware and credentials on demand, or switch system management options, within a single environment.