The Victorian Security Institute welcomed the Victorian Government’s announcement of a judicial enquiry into the relevant issues around the deployment and operational oversight of the security teams in several hotel locations.

“The enquiry to be headed by The Honourable Jennifer Coate AO will undoubtedly shed light on strengths & failings of the whole quarantine program,” VSI said in a release. “Our industry should be proud of our collective efforts in providing professional protective security services to our wider community and throughout the COVID-19 period.

“Our Institute stands by our industry sectors, who are committed to providing excellence in everything they do. Let us not forget that leadership, training and supervision of any deployed personnel go together, and our industry is not the only one facing difficulties in meeting the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic.

“The role, responsibility and accountability of any security operation falls to the principal contractor and client, ultimately, we need to give the judicial enquiry the opportunity to explore what went wrong. We look forward to the enquiry and its findings. We are committed to raising professional standards and continue to work with a number of stakeholders to achieve this aim.”