IDEMIA VisionPass facial recognition device has won the SIA New Product Showcase Award in the Biometric category, at a virtual ceremony held on July 9.

IDEMIA’s team supported the company’s submission in front of the judges by giving a detailed overview of why and how IDEMIA developed Vision Pass. The team then explained the technical work of the R&D team to meet these very demanding requirements and come up with what IDEMIA said is now confirmed to be the most advanced new facial recognition terminal on the market.

The system’s 2D + 3D + infrared cameras, combined with AI-trained algorithms, offer hygienic and frictionless entry – with no need to stop and fix the device, it automatically adapts to the size of the person (120-200cm) and tolerates acute facial angles.

The solution is said to be accurate and fast – up to 30 people per minute from a database of 40,000 users, and it’s effective in full sun or total darkness without the need for a dazzling flash, and works with all skin colours and tones. Resistant to identity theft attempts by photo presentation or 3D mask.