Unofficial reports suggest authorities have been warning hoteliers across Sydney to wind back on ordering supplies, as COVID-19 case numbers spread across NSW.

The takeaway seems to be that at a government level there is an increasing acceptance parts or the whole of the state will need to be placed back into stage 3 lockdown to ensure the current situation, which now includes multiple untraceable community transmissions, does not become uncontrollable.

Other reports say the NSW government has earmarked 60 hotels across the state for use in quarantining, with another 50,000 Australians currently overseas having registered their desire to return home.

From the point of view of the security industry, while a Stage 3 lockdown would not prevent ongoing operation, it will mean a return to working from home, as well as the firmer implementation of COVID safety procedures.

It’s also going to demand security suppliers of all kinds continue to wrap their heads around liberating automation, remote management, mobile functionalities and zero-touch solutions.

Today’s stats show NSW has recorded 7 new cases of coronavirus after a record 36,169 tests were carried out in the past 24 hours – 6 of these cases were found in quarantining people from existing clusters.

Sydney’s inner city is quieter over the past couple of days, suggesting many companies have staff working remotely and the prevalence of protective masks, which evidence shows hugely reduces the chances an infected person will pass on the virus, has significantly increased.