i-PRO X Series.

i-PRO X-Series cameras feature artificial intelligence (AI) engines which enables analytical applications on the network edge to optimize system bandwidth and storage requirements.

The new i-PRO X-Series employs an AI engine with on-board analytics to detect suspicious changes in scenes, automatically adjust image settings of the scene being analysed, and optimize video compression to conserve network bandwidth and server storage capacities.

The new cameras can install up to 3 video analytics applications, with 2 applications available in July. The 2 analytics now available include: intrusion detection, capable of detecting any human, vehicle, 2-wheel motorcycle or bicycle; and privacy masking to detect and recognize human figures in a video scene and pixelate their figures or faces for privacy protection.

The new i-PRO Extreme X-Series includes 6 new models with 5MP or 4K resolutions in indoor and outdoor vandal-resistant dome or box configurations bundled with i-PRO Video Insight 7.7 VMS software and a 5-year warranty. A new software development kit (SDK) is also available for third parties to develop compatible software.

The new cameras will be released in the US over the next month or so – there’s no word yet on local availability.