Tecom 4G dual-SIM module.

Interlogix has announced the availability of a dual SIM option in the Tecom 4G communication module family.

The 4G Communication Module is an expansion module which allows Challenger panels to communicate over 4G wireless networks. These new models utilise the existing hardware of the TS1054, and now come pre-loaded with SIM cards to provide an easier solution for customers wanting to use 4G connectivity over UltraSync.

The 4G Communication Module connects directly to Challenger control panels and fits natively to the powerful Challenger communication path framework. This allows the 4G Communication Module to be used for multiple connection types (e.g. alarm monitoring and management software) and act as the primary or redundant connection.

Setup of the 4G Communication Module is simple. All required settings can be configured either through the Challenger keypad or management software. No additional cases or power supplies are required because the unit is mounted directly on the Challenger panel.

Maintenance is also made easy. The firmware can be updated remotely through the Challenger panel using management software. System faults with the unit are sent to management software or central monitoring so you can be alerted immediately if something is wrong with the system.

With flexible SIM card options, customers can provide their own SIM cards ensuring connection to the telecommunications provider of their choice. For those customers who do not have a preference, they may purchase a model with SIM cards preinstalled for greater convenience. Pre-installed SIM cards are activated easily through any UltraSync connected monitoring station.

You can view the connected monitoring stations here. www.interlogix.com.au/ultrasync.


* TS1054DS is a dual-SIM version (available for Australia only)
* Supported on Challenger10 V10-06.19251 or higher
* Supported on ChallengerPlus all versions
* Supported on ChallengerLEPlus all versions.