FLIR EST is installed at the Pentagon.

LenelS2 and FLIR Systems have signed an agreement to integrate select FLIR thermal cameras with LenelS2’s OnGuard access control system to assist in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and possibly other viruses in the workplace through thermal screening.

LenelS2 will offer integrated thermal imaging screening and access control solutions to quickly identify individuals with elevated skin temperature and apply customizable access control parameters to allow or deny entry, according to the company.

The strategic collaboration will leverage the FLIR EST line of non-contact thermal screening cameras, including the A500-EST and A700-EST, by integrating with the LenelS2 OnGuard access control system.

“As organizations implement site-specific screening protocols, integrating access control systems with thermal imaging solutions is an important part of a comprehensive approach,” says Jeff Stanek, president, LenelS2.

“The collaboration with FLIR will help drive our end users’ access control decisions in support of healthy, safe workspaces.”

FLIR A500-EST and A700-EST are non-contact screening tools that may serve as a first line of defense against potential health risks. These cameras are part of FLIR’s A-Series camera offering and are U.S. FDA 510(k) registered.

“Having a set of processes including temperature checks is critical for organizations as they work to maintain their operations or begin to return employees safely back to work,” says Rickard Lindvall, vice president and general manager, solutions business, FLIR.

“The FLIR and LenelS2 brands complement each other perfectly to provide our customers best-of-breed solutions they can confidently deploy.”