New Wisenet Wave v4.1 is available from EOS and offers new and improved features, including push notifications.

Operators can now create rules which will send a push notification to the mobile client to any list of targeted users. Another update is that the embedded browser is upgraded to Chromium making it compatible with most web pages and applications, and adding support for file downloads. System operators can now combine web-based interfaces with a system for soft integrations of devices and services.

In addition, the Wave 4.1 also features Wisenet AI camera integration which will enable security pros to perform more granular forensic searches using Hanwha’s AI-enabled P series cameras with added functionality for enhanced object classification and detection.

Keyword search options enable filtering by corresponding object attributes including gender, top and bottom clothing colour, vehicle type and colour and bag detection. You can find out more about the capabilities of Wave 4.1 here.

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