VIC Roads has gone to tender seeking a panel to supply, installation and commissioning of CCTV cameras and Bluetooth data stations across metropolitan Melbourne.

Bluetooth Data Stations (BDS) will be used to gather real time Classic Bluetooth (CB) and/or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) MAC address data used for various analytical, statistical and advisory applications.

For this application, all Bluetooth devices must be fully compatible with VicRoads existing communications network and platform. Typical cabinets used for this configuration include:

• Traffic Signal Controller
• Freeway Data Station
• ITS Cabinet
• Distribution Cabinet

Pole Mounted BDS solution consists of the Bluetooth device, antenna, modem & power supply housed within its own weather proof enclosure and mounted on a pole. Pole mounted BDS solution can be one of following:

* Traffic signal site
* Ramp metering site
* Street lighting site etc.
* BDS attached to its own standalone pole
* Enclosure shall be marine graded aluminium or UV stable plastic rated to IP65.

This tender closes on September 2 – click here for more information.