Dahua Technology has launched a three-in-one camera solution called TiOC, which integrates colour monitoring, active deterrence and AI into a smart solution design to deliver efficiency to distributors and installers.

With AI-powered perimeter protection and SMD Plus, the Dahua TiOC offers accurate alarm function by precisely targeting people and vehicles, while filtering out non-target objects such as animals, leaves and car headlights.

According to Dahua, as well as keeping the false alarm rate under 2 per cent, its AI algorithms deliver a quicker, more accurate and long-range motion detection capability.

TiOC makes it possible to respond during the event with its active deterrence and real-time alarm functions with red and blue light, which is more eye-catching than white light, and is visible even in fog and heavy rain. An enhanced speaker delivers up to 110 dB, featuring a siren or a recorded voice.

APP Alarm Push provides alarm notifications in real-time, allowing users to respond in time such as sending a voice alarm using the 2-way talk function. In addition, the system also allows pre-recorded announcements or customized recordings, which enables users to realize content customization and language localization. The mobile APP also supports one-tap arming/disarming function that brings great convenience to users.

Contact: Dahua Distributors