Nexar Group, an Australian-owned security provider delivering risk advisory, protective security and security services, and ethical AI, has grown its Protective Services Division from 2 to 140 staff in less than 2 years and now plans an NSW launch.

“Since launching Nexar Group mid-2019, the company has embarked on some amazing risk and advisory projects within the infrastructure, gaming, health and government sectors,” said Nexar’s Luke Montgomery.

“However, we believed the biggest gap in the industry locally remained within security labour hire. We estimate that current market worth over $A6.5B a year and growing at 1.2 per cent annually. Our assessment also uncovered some amazing organisations trying to improve the level of security across Australia, but many others were not, and lacked education and the right values to make a real impact. What people forget in our industry, is we are here to keep people and the community safe – which is a real privilege.

Montgomery said on the basis of analysis, Nexar launched its Protective Services division in late 2019 to partner with leading security enterprises and boutique clients to support their requirements, while focused on adding value to entities and the industry. Data was also a big focus area to ensure Nexar could remain nimble, compliant and able to scale.

“To assist, we conducted an extensive analysis of the market to find a product that was tried and tested, built in compliance and fully auditable,” Montgomery said. “We decided to partner with Securecy for this and have not looked back. Our data goes from the site, compliance, to management and then the end client with minimal input. This has been extremely valuable and again provided real transparency to our customers as and when needed.

“Our service proposition and values have been extremely well received and we have grown organically from 2 staff to over 140 today. We have grown organically and pride ourselves on fostering quality and transparent relationships, and can truthfully say we do not and will not subcontract our guarding services. This provides an enhanced level of compliance and instils a level of confidence from our clients.

“Furthermore, it’s the value proposition that has been extremely well received. By value, I mean really understanding what the client is trying to achieve and how we can assist.”

According to Montgomery, Nexar’s value proposition includes:

* Open book policy
* Clean, fresh and professionally led
* Risk assessments and strategic insight for the client
* White papers on topic concerns relating to the client
* Subject matter advice across security management
* Monthly strategy and continuous improvement session
* Compliance and transparency
* Quality over quantity
* Commercial rates based on modern award.

“We believe that our partnerships with leading security organisations allow Nexar to offer a fresh approach, based on quality, compliance, trust and a focus on driving value to the end client – and we see this as an industry first,” Montgomery said.

“Next steps for Nexar Group will be our launch into NSW in the coming months with our dedicated team of fresh thinking security professionals.”