VIVOTEK has announced enhancements in compatibility for AI video analytics and cybersecurity with its strategic video management software partners, Genetec and Milestone.

There are 2 enhanced features highlighted – the first being AI video analytics. Implementing AI into its core technology, VIVOTEK has adopted an advanced AI engine in people detection and develops smart VCA technology with higher accuracy and fewer false alarms.

The on-board VIVOTEK smart VCA suite includes advanced detection of intrusion, loitering, line-crossing, unattended objects, missing objects, Faces, and Crowds. Each Smart VCA event from a VIVOTEK network camera can also be set to trigger a relevant alarm in both Genetec Security Center and Milestone XProtect video management software. Moreover, security operators now can visualize bounding boxes and detection areas through Milestone XProtect video management software.

The second enhanced feature is cybersecurity notifications. To address rising threats to cybersecurity, VIVOTEK provides end-to-end comprehensive protection with its Cybersecurity Management Solution in partnership with Trend Micro, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions. Now security operators can obtain advanced cybersecurity protection and also receive event notification via either Genetec Security Center or Milestone XProtect.

According to Peter Chang, director of VIVOTEK Product Planning Division, Genetec and Milestone are 2 of VIVOTEK’s strategic video management software partners.

“We will continue to invest more resources to facilitate mutual alliances,” Chang said. “Together, we are able to reinforce video analytics and grow the businesses in this connected world and we imagine a safer, more intelligent, and more secure future.”