Build and image quality are outstanding - the big image has been reduced from 4Mb to 2Mb.

The latest arrival for testing at SEN is Axis Communications’ Q1798-LE bullet, a 4K 10MP CCTV camera with a gigantic 4/3-inch sensor, a 12-48 Canon lens, Lightfinger 2.0 technology and Zipstream for H.264 and H.265 compression.

This Axis Q1798-LE flexes some powerful specification, starting with a 10MP resolution and a micro four thirds sized 4/3-inch sensor. This combination of high resolution, serious pixel real estate, combined with a 12-48mm Canon lens, suggests we’re in for a treat when it comes to performance – and it’s ideal for VCA applications, too. Something to note, however, is the frame rate, which is 20ips at 10MP and 30ips at 4K.

The 12–48mm lens is a nice addition, too, offering a field of view of 90-degree at the short end and the equivalent of 4x zoom at the long end, supported by electronic image stabilization. A 10MP sensor with a 90-degree angle of view is going to offer seriously good detail for complex scenes. How good is the Q1798? We can hardly wait to find out.