Digifort has integrated its VMS solution with ICT’s ProtegeGX access control, alarm and automation solution, and this integration is bi-directional – each system can access the functionality of the other.

Functionalities opened by the integration include:

* ProtegeGX door opens and a camera will pop up on Digifort’s surveillance client with direct access to playback
* ProtegeGX area is armed and if triggered, it will automatically activate a camera to start recording (will create a bookmark and protect the recording from deletion if required)
* Access card is badged and trigger the PTZ to zoom on to a person’s face
* Icon on a camera view of Digifort to unlock a door on ProtegeGX
* OnProtegeGX’s event records, click on the camera to access playback from Digifort.

Main functions:

* Display Digifort video in the Protege GX GUI
* Allow video playback in the Protege GX GUI
* Notify Protege GX events to Digifort.