The big image is at 60 per cent of native resolution - it's late afternoon with challenging light across a wide scene.

New from Axis Communications is the Q1798-LE bullet, a 4K 10MP CCTV camera with a gigantic 4/3-inch sensor, a 12-48 Canon lens and Lightfinger 2.0 and Zipstream for H.264 and H.265 compression.

Axis Q1798-LE bullet camera flexes some powerful specifications, starting with a 3712 x 2784-pixel 10MP resolution and a micro four thirds-sized sensor. This combination of high resolution, serious pixel real estate and a 12-48mm Canon lens, suggests we’re in for a treat when it comes to performance. This level of performance is going to make the Q1748 ideal for ideal for VCA applications.

First impressions of the Axis Q1798-LE after firing it up in the office are that overall image quality is amazing – what shines through most is resolution, colour rendition, the AXIS-ish look of the image – slightly low contrast, very sharp, slightly warm tones. That huge resolution enhances depth of field. During the initial startup, I get a sense this camera is also going to be capable when it comes to handling backlight.

As usual, I keep settings close to default and only turn on barrel distortion correction. I notice the camera is set at the low blur end of the slider and later when looking for the compromise of noise, can’t find any. I wrestle with WDR, trying a couple of times but ultimately deciding I prefer the look of the image without it. WDR does even and brighten the scene, but colours are less true, and it seems there’s a touch more blur in lower light.

I start my demo with the camera installed out front – there’s a truckload of backlight out here – I measure 68,000 lux up the street – but the Q1798 doesn’t care, even with WDR off. The lighting across the scene is even, the sky retains some blue, over exposure is not a problem. I see some chromatic aberrations – perhaps 5-6 pixels deep – but this is fairly typical of an Axis camera, though perhaps not so common with a Canon lens.

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