Access 1 has installed a Bosch access and alarm system, and a Milesight CCTV system, supported by a Ubiquiti wireless network, for new floating venue The Raft, located on the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia.

The Raft is an open-air floating venue permanently moored on the Swan River with city views and access via a tender vessel and featuring a spacious open deck with custom designed furniture and bar.

Any application in a marine environment is challenging and Access 1’s Andrew Herrmann, who designed the system, said the team of project manager Angelo Sanginiti and technician, Bryce Evans, worked hard to ensure the system could stand up to the rigours of the application.

“We did majority of the work at the Kailas Bro Shipping yard in Fremantle, before the venue was towed into position,” Herrmann said. “We used tap and die for all fixtures as part of phase 1 of the installation, as well as gel-filled security and Cat6 cable, to ensure reliability in a tough marine environment.

“Given the nature of the application, there’s weather proofing of all devices, too. And to meet the aesthetic standards of The Raft, another key element of the job was colour coding and painting all the detectors and cameras to suit the design of the venue.”

And a venue like this, where aesthetics is important, also requires concealed cabling, which added another layer of complexity. Other challenges of the installation including a tight working time frame, and a strict maritime working environment, as well as the difficulties of working from boom lifts over water,” Herrmann said.

“Servicing this system in the future will also be challenging due to its being on the water – the external cameras will need special attention – we will need to hire a boat.”

According to Herrmann, the alarm controller is a Bosch 6000, featuring dual end of line tampers on each zone.

“The scope of the alarm system is comprehensive,” Herrmann explained. “There are PE BEAMS on the outer side of The Raft, Bosch OD850 external sensors on the main decking areas and Bosch PIR’s in the main office areas, as well as reed switches.

“There’s access control of the side loading dock door, integration of CBUS lighting, integration of FIP, integration of mechanical faults, and the security solution is supported by a solar array with backup batteries. Monitoring is wireless and is handled by Permaconn for connection with a monitoring station, while the Bosch MyAlarm app offers remote management of the system.”

The CCTV side of this application is comprehensive, too, with a 32-input Milesight 4K NVR, a 55-inch 4K monitor and 28 5MP Milesight Starlight turrets, bullet and PTZ cameras (all with analytics) installed on The Raft. Importantly, this CCTV system is remotely managed via the Milesight app.

Communications underpins much of the system and that’s handled by Ubiquiti Nano Stations and Ubiquiti Rocket Stations, which link CCTV from the tender vessel to a workstation on The Raft, as well as connecting CCTV from the departure wharf to The Raft’s workstation.

Herrmann said the Access 1 team was delighted with the system’s performance, as well as being proud of having integrated a comprehensive electronic security solution for an iconic new venue.

“Congratulations to the Access 1 installation team for their work on The Raft,” Herrmann said. “It’s a great system that leverages the latest security and networking technologies, and it’s a job well done.”