Boon Edam has released a new optical turnstile, the Speedlane Compact, which is a shorter security barrier with the same level of security as larger optical turnstile models.

Speedlane Compact features swinging barriers, space for access control or biometric device integration, and tailgating, safety and low-object detection sensors — all in a compact footprint well-suited for locations where interior space is at a premium.

Holding back on high-level features and options means that the Speedlane Compact is easy-to-use, easy-to-install, agile in the manufacturing process; and fast to arrive at the customer’s location.

When it comes to integration, the product designers have focussed on ease and flexibility. The Speedlane Compact’s wide cabinets allow for integration with many types of technology, including access control such as biometrics and facial recognition. Third-party integration is simple and collaborative technology is even more accessible.

Key Features include:

* Tailgating, safety and object detection sensor sets, as standard
* Easy installation
* Generous interior space cabinet for flexible ACS integration
* Smooth, swing motion glass barriers
* Short V-shaped cabinet with ergonomic design and small footprint
* Flexible lane configurations (including a wide lane for disabled access)
* Universally understood and proven display symbols.

Contact: Boon Edam Australia +61 (0)426 703 326