You can see the rugged chassis when the external housing is removed. Build quality is excellent. Big image delivers face, plate and good depth of field.

Panasonic’s WV-U1542L, distributed locally by BGW Technologies, is a 4MP varifocal lens outdoor bullet network camera with a 2.5x built-in motorized zoom and motorized focus lens, iA (intelligent Auto), Super Dynamic 102dB, minimum scene illumination at night in colour of 0.019 to 0.3 lux, H.265 Smart Coding, IR, and IK10 and IP66 ratings against vandalism and weather.

The camera features auto shutter speed control for capturing fast moving vehicles and pedestrians day or night, Super Dynamic 102dB for backlit situations involving headlights and shadows on dark streets, and self-learning ROI encoding (Auto VIQS), which detects movement within an image and compresses areas with little motion in order to reduce transmitted data while maintaining the quality of the image.

A neat feature is an opening on the side that allows pre-commissioning without removing a camera from its delivery packaging, this camera is compact and lightweight, very simple to install and access across a network, and has solid resolution with slightly low contrast image streams in variably lit daytime scenes with the settings I chose.

Strengths include depth of field, colour rendition, low noise and the ability to snare faces and plates with ease when faced with strong backlight. Build quality is excellent, too. Read the full review in the November issue of SEN!