The Milesight MS 180 dome from MGTS.

Milesight network cameras, distributed locally by MGTS, are now officially compatible with Genetec VMS.

The various functions of Milesight network cameras, such as the configuration of recording streams, motion detection, record and playback, etc, can all be operated on Genetec VMS. This integration offers the users of both brands a great convenience. The integration delivers greater convenience to users, as well as a better user-experience in the competitive and connected market environment.

A popular camera in the range is the Milesight 180-degree panoramic mini dome camera, designed to support ultra-wide angle monitoring applications. Featuring up to 4K high resolution, a 180-degree panoramic view and embedded VCA, this 180-degree Milesight mini dome network camera is ideal for many applications requiring wide angle views.

Distributor: MGTS
Contact: 1300 280 135