CSM is looking for dealers for MAXPRO Cloud, a Honeywell IoT Azure-based integrated, connected-building, cloud-based platform designed for small-to-medium business customers.

MAXPRO Cloud pushes by exception real-time access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection event notifications to one or more mobile devices connecting customers to their buildings and enabling a user to respond to real incidences and make informed business decisions, anywhere, anytime.


* Targeted towards Small to Medium Business Market
* Integrated cloud-based video, access control and intrusion, security as a service platform
* Real time alarm/event and system health notifications
* Simplifies multi-site security installations
* Plug and play installation, futureproof
* Automated reporting to your customers
* Up to 12 months free connectivity.

Contact CSM for more details about this solution or becoming a MAXPRO Cloud dealer.

Distributor: CSM
Contact: 1300 663 904