Fire Rescue NSW and NSW SES are in the process of deploying a vehicle communications hub to all major fleet vehicles to facilitate enhanced vehicle communications capabilities and improve reliability.

In order to maximise the benefits of the vehicle communications hub, and secure the reliability of critical communications functions, FRNSW and NSW SES is seeking a satellite connectivity solution (including vehicle hardware, carriage, management and FRNSW network integration) to connect in to the vehicle communications hub solution being

All respondents to this tender must have commenced the process of achieving Prequalified Supplier status on the NSW Government’s “ITS2573 – Operational Telecommunications Equipment, Infrastructure and Services Scheme” at the time the tender closes.

The responsibility for ensuring that the Scheme Administrator has received advice that a supplier wishes to be assessed for prequalification against the category and sub-categories list below vests in the supplier. Please refer to Part B clause 3,4- Prequalification to NSW Government ITS2573 Scheme.

This tender only opened a couple of days ago and closes on September 28 – move fast. Click here for more information.