Gallagher’s Proximity and Contact Tracing Report won Outstanding New Security Product at the 2020 United States’ Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) last Friday.

Gallagher was also a finalist in 2 other categories: Outstanding Security Equipment Manufacturer, and Outstanding Security Training Initiative for their Security Portal for Online Training.

This is the third award win for Gallagher’s Proximity and Contact Tracing Report, which was released in May this year. The report enables organizations to quickly and accurately identify areas where a person with a contagious virus has been on site. At the same time, it identifies all other cardholders who shared these areas and therefore may have an elevated risk of infection.

The application is developed using REST API and the reports are outputted as .csv files (viewable in Microsoft Excel or similar). The utility connects to Command Centre using the Gallagher REST API connection parameters. The application is not a licensed feature, but it does use the REST API licenses (RESTCardholder and RESTEvents).

The application provides a user interface that allows a user to enter the following parameters:

* The origin cardholder
* From and To dates
* Maximum in-zone time
* Surface risk time
* Maximum contact generation
* Personal data fields.