Amazon Ring has unveiled a home surveillance drone which can be pre-programmed to fly regular tours, as well as responding to alarm events by sending footage to users through Ring’s app.

The idea of the ‘Always Home Cam’ drone is that it allows coverage of every room in the house when there’s no one home, but it does not mean there’s a camera in every room, something end users are uncomfortable with.

According to Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff, the inspiration to design and market the advanced home security camera came from from customer’s saying they wanted the ability to view in their home remotel but did not want permanent cameras installed in every room.

“It’s not practical to have a camera at every angle in every room of the home,” Siminoff said. “What I love about the Always Home Cam is that it really does solve this problem of being one cam for all — it allows you to now see every angle of the home, in every part of the home.”

Always Home Cam is 9 x 13cm and integrates with the Ring Alarm app, so users can receive alarm events and HD video on mobile devices. The camera only records when the drone is in flight and when docked the camera’s angle of view is blocked by its charging station. The device is set for release in 2021.