Dahua’s Dual Lens DH-IPC-HDW8341X-BV-3D 3MP WizMind camera.

Dahua’s compact and robust Dual Lens DH-IPC-HDW8341X-BV-3D 3MP WizMind camera features a relatively fast F1.6 aperture, 2.8mm fixed focal length lens and features IP67 weather and dust proofing, IK10 vandalism protection, H.264 and H.265 compression, 20 metres of IR and a bunch of other features.

But the real story with this camera, which is distributed locally by CRK, is the video analytics, including stereo analysis to deliver fall detection, people approaching detection, people numbers, stay detection and violence detection. There’s also face detection, perimeter protection against people and vehicles, a swathe of smart events, including abandoned object, tripwire, detection of fast movement – even detection of facial expressions, like anger.

Getting a sense of performance with a camera with this level of capability takes time but it’s clear as soon as the camera is installed out the front that underlying performance is solid and the stereo analysis really does let the Dahua Dual Lens camera do interesting and unexpected things that enhance situational awareness.

Raw camera performance is strongest within about 20 metres, which is what you would expect from a solution like this one, which is designed to support applications like aged care, where its fixed relatively wide-angle lens delivers strong detail across the frame and its smart functionalities alert staff to incidents like falls or wandering.

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