SmartLine Mini is horizontal in this image.

According to Seadan’s Tony Lagan, the SmartLine (SL) Mini BLE universal reader from is “the perfect solution for a non-contact access control system”.

“This product also gives you the ability to use your smartphone as an access credential and you can adjust the BLE distance to suit your requirements,” Lagan said. “The reader has 3 different coloured covers to choose from (black, white and grey) and comes with an LED status indicator.

“If you’re looking for an access control system that is simple and convenient to install AND doesn’t require the users to touch the device, then the Smart SmartLine (SL) Mini BLE is a perfect choic.”

Smart SL Mini BLE Universal Reader features include:

* Mobile credentials

* NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

* Adjustable BLE distance (0.1 – 15 m)

* Supports multiple formats of 125kHz RFID

* Adjustable Wiegand interface

* IP65 water, dust protection rating.

To find out more contact your local Seadan store.