HID Global reports that its next-generation Seos credential technology will enable Nymi Band 3.0 users to seamlessly open doors and authenticate to systems, devices and machines.

The Nymi Band is a workplace wearable wristband that, once authenticated, offers the convenience of continuously authenticating the identity of the user until it’s removed from the wrist. This delivers zero-trust security principles and access control using convenient fingerprint and heartbeat biometrics to users seeking touchless authentication.

In addition to physical and logical access use cases, Seos technology enables the Nymi Band 3.0 to be used for applications ranging from secure intelligent print collection and social distancing and contract tracing to contractor and visitor management, canteen and vending machine payment, and secure remote working.

Operationally, the HID Seos applet is loaded onto secure elements inside a Nymi Band so they can carry security keys and encrypted firmware. Seos credentials are sent to the wristbands over a near field communications connection. Users enrol their fingerprint one time to the Nymi Band and the Nymi Band is matched to the user identity.

At the start of the day, the user authenticates the band with their fingerprint, and the Nymi Band is enabled with strong assurance after it detects a heartbeat. Meanwhile, native support in HID DigitalPersona software also enables the wristbands to be used for Windows login with both Seos and FIDO2 password-free authentication.

Seos credentials support HID Signo and iCLASS SE readers that are broadly deployed in every major vertical market around the world.
According to HID, the Nymi Band provides strong assurance of an individual’s identity using their unique biometrics. Through on-body detection and presence, the Nymi Band 3.0 ensures that it is always on the intended user and the user is physically present and the user’s biometric never leaves the Nymi Band 3.0, providing advanced security and privacy.