STid Mobile ID is a global, open ecosystem enabling end-to-end digitization of access control credentials in a single app to help manage physical access for employees and virtual access to workstations – STid Mobile ID is now compatible with SIRI on iOS to open doors.

There are 5 identification options: badge, slide, tap-tap, remote, and hands-free and the ecosystem consists of an online platform that generates, distributes and administers dematerialized access badges. STid Mobile ID is also an Android and iOS-compatible mobile application.

This application, developed by STid, is an electronic portfolio of access badges used to authenticate with Architect Blue readers, another core component of the ecosystem that uses Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology. Another application also developed by STid allows an edited configuration to be loaded using the online platform in the readers via the BLE channel.

Meanwhile, STid’s Virtual Visitor credentials allows you to temporarily grant access rights to visitors and day-contractors (etc). You reduce your costs by avoiding any visitor physical credentials management.

STid has established a cryptographic protocol based on industry standards in order to secure exchanges via BLE technology. STid Mobile ID is much more than a Client-Server application. A third-party can fully incorporate the solution in their own ecosystem. The WEB APIs and the STid Mobile ID mobile application development kit make the ecosystem open. STid also offers a personalization service that allows customers to create their own dematerialized badge design.