Critical Arc’s SafeZone is designed to transform how large organizations provide for the safety and well-being of their people and the CriticalArc team will be showcasing this solution in a live environment at SAGE 2020 at the Realm Hotel in Canberra, November 12 (pre-register here).

Experience first-hand the ability to call for help or receive mass communications. View the command console to learn how a manager can view the availability and location of their team, openly communicate with them, coordinate their response, confirm actions have been taken, and issue new commands–all in real time, with a common operating view.

SafeZone provides response teams with a complete common operating view, to enhance the protection of dispersed people, facilities, and assets, while delivering big efficiency savings. The SafeZone App enables users to call for help in seconds, while providing safety and security teams with their information, which can speed response by 50 per cent or more.

SafeZone also supports mass notification, enterprise safety protocols and enables people to quickly summon help with their smartphone wherever organizations have duty of care. SafeZone increases the overall efficiency and effectiveness of security and response teams across large and dynamic environments at any location globally.

Through real-time visualization, communications and response coordination, SafeZone creates a new benchmark for protecting your community that streamlines operations, is easy to use and quick to deploy to meet current and future challenges.