Perimeter Systems Australia will be showing the new INTREPID MicroPoint-POE-S Fence Detection Systems at SAGE 2020 at the Realm Hotel Canberra, November 12 (pre-register here).

These IP-based POE intelligent perimeter intrusion detection solutions are ideal for fence applications with cut-or-climb intrusion risks. MicroPoint-POE-S employs proprietary digital signal processing algorithms to precisely locate intrusion attempts to within 1.1 m (3.6 ft.) while ignoring harmless disturbances caused by wind, rain or vehicle traffic.

MicroPoint-POE-S combines 2 decades of field-proven MicroPoint fence sensor performance with simplified, secure TCP/IP network integration via a single Ethernet cable for power and data transmission. The system’s inherent POE capabilities and IP connectivity for communications translate to measurable cost and time-savings benefits to both systems integrators and end users.

MicroPoint-POE-S maximizes the ability to mitigate intrusion risk, simplify security infrastructure and manage a sensor from any location by any authenticated PC or handheld device connected to the network. #sage2020