SCSI Ursalink Router.

SCSI has signed a partner agreement with networking specialist, Ursalink, to assist SCSI customers connect their solutions to the internet of things.

“We are proud to announce that we have signed an official partnership with Ursalink,” said SCSI’s Chad Wright. “Ursalink leverages top trending technologies to simplify the process of data collection, storage and retrieval in order to accomplish the goal of connecting ‘things’ to the cloud, which makes them an ideal fit for SCSI.”

According to Wright, the Ursalink DeviceHub provides a friendly interface for user to configure devices, upgrade firmware in bulk and remotely.

“SCSI is now running the DeviceHub services locally for all Direct Connect customers using the Ursalink routers to provide real-time monitoring on devices’ critical parameters and location for targeted group of devices,” Wright said.

“The DeviceHub also allows comprehensive reports on the fleet of managed and monitored devices, such as failed connection, pending and failed tasks, SMS received, etc.”

“Now available for Direct Connect applications, Ursalink routers are specially designed to be low cost, highly efficient and to connect with a diverse type of field assets. All Ursalink routers have a built-in 4G/LTE CAT4 modem that supports dual SIM for robust, reliable cellular communication and are also available in 5G.

“Ursalink routers are built with rugged enclosures and a wide operating temperature range (-40 to 70C) make it perfectly suit most M2M or IoT applications in most environments,” Wright said. “These and other features make them an ideal partner and perfect for use with the Direct Connect range of applications.”