Security and Government Expo 2020 (pre-register here) is going to be the only opportunity security managers, security consultants, integrators and installers get to check out the latest solutions from 26 of Australia’s leading security manufacturers and suppliers in the one place – the question you need to ask yourselves is what do you want to see?

HIS has been an unusual year but something 2020 has underscored very clearly is that security solutions have a serious role to play in managing everything from site protection, to process control, and much more in between. A quality security solution now has a lateral capacity to protect and manage facilities locally and remotely, and this capability is ever more vital in a less certain and more challenging world.

At SAGE you’ll get the opportunity to check out some of the latest security technologies – not only electronics, like access control and CCTV, but locking, perimeter protection, artificial intelligence, mass communications of safety messages, body cameras, PSIM solutions, key management and lots more. Importantly, many of the solutions at SAGE have COVID management features, including proximity detection, contact tracing and low touch access control. With no chance COVID is going to disappear, security managers need to manage their organisations differently and you can find out how at SAGE.

Gallagher will be showcasing the soon-to-be-released Command Centre v8.40 – SAGE attendees should drop by the Gallagher stand to discover the feature-rich software at the heart of Gallagher’s integrated security solutions and see how v8.40 can give even greater flexibility with Mobile Connect Digital ID. From cardholder management to critical incident response, attendees will see first-hand how Command Centre allows them to manage their sites in their own way and deliver even more power reports.

Flexible configuration functionalities include the ability to set door and entry rules, configure guard tour checkpoints and arrival times, set entry and exit delays for intruder alarms, use schedules to automate access and alarm state changes and deliver centralised site visibility and monitoring ensures situational awareness for all buildings and the perimeter on both local and remote sites.

The system also allows security managers to challenge cardholder identities anywhere, anytime using the Command Centre mobile app, trust in encrypted peer-to-peer communication with access system controllers, check door and zone status in real time, monitor video surveillance, manage cardholder information and set access rights and responses at individual cardholder or group level, and undertake live operation and monitoring of on-site guard tours.

Something else Gallagher will be showing at SAGE are its high security solutions, which the company says are scalable, flexible, and trusted to protect sensitive sites worldwide. With government approved products in the UK, US, CA, NZ and in Australia; Gallagher is the only manufacture of equipment fully endorsed to protect premise from Zone 1 to Zone 5.

For instance, Gallagher PIV solution is an intelligent smart card that contains a certificate and private key which is used for logical and physical access control identity to secure federal government facilities and IT systems. Rather than the typical MIFARE access credential, PIV transfers certificates between the access control system and the card, through the contactless reader for granting or denying entry.

Meanwhile, Gallagher’s Class 5 is a fully encrypted, authenticated, and compliant solution that has been independently certified by an IANZ approved test facility and is capable of protecting high-value assets from physical security threats. And the company will also show products to Type 1A 2008 alarms standard and approved by the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC). Gallagher’s Type 1A solution manages alarms, monitors sensors, and defends system integrity for the highest security Australian Government sites.

For external applications, Perimeter Systems Australia will be showing the new INTREPID MicroPoint-POE-S Fence Detection Systems at SAGE. These IP-based POE intelligent perimeter intrusion detection solutions are ideal for fence applications with cut-or-climb intrusion risks. MicroPoint-POE-S employs proprietary digital signal processing algorithms to precisely locate intrusion attempts to within 1.1 m (3.6 ft.) while ignoring harmless disturbances caused by wind, rain or vehicle traffic.

MicroPoint-POE-S combines 2 decades of field-proven MicroPoint fence sensor performance with simplified, secure TCP/IP network integration via a single Ethernet cable for power and data transmission. The system’s inherent POE capabilities and IP connectivity for communications translate to measurable cost and time-savings benefits to both systems integrators and end users. MicroPoint-POE-S maximizes the ability to mitigate intrusion risk, simplify security infrastructure and manage a sensor from any location by any authenticated PC or handheld device connected to the network.

An interesting solution at SAGE is from AISM, an independent and privately-owned security specialist founded back in 2008. AISM will be showcasing Neuro, a newly released facial recognition system. This addition to AISM’s technology portfolio is powered by autonomous AI. According to AISM, Neuro is an essential tool for organisations to protect and empower their people, customers and operations.

While artificial intelligence tools have traditionally been expensive, complex and out of reach for many smaller organisations, AISM says Neuro has disrupted the market with its world-leading facial recognition software and approach to privacy, making it perfect for Australian government agencies and business owners. According to AISM, Neuro helps address the rapidly emerging challenges of technology, privacy, safety regulations and now COVID-19. Neuro also only requires 50 per cent of the face for accurate recognition, works in all light conditions and from elevated camera angles, is ethnicity neutral, matches historical images up to 30 years old, scans hours of footage in minutes, and works seamlessly with existing surveillance cameras. It sounds well worth a look.

At SAGE, the Honeywell team will be showcasing Honeywell’s powerful integrated security management platform – the Honeywell Command and Control Suite (CCS). This physical security information management (PSIM) system for government infrastructure is specially designed for mission-critical life safety and security operations. CCS increases operational intelligence and orchestrates people, technology and processes to help manage everyday operations and incidents in complex environments.

Powered by Honeywell’s Enterprise Buildings Integrator core platform, CCS integrates information from all an organisation’s essential subsystems, including security, fire, life safety, energy and others, as well as edge devices, and presents aggregated information through an intuitive graphical user interface. Security operators have real-time situational awareness across a facility and can respond rapidly to incidents using prescribed workflows based on standard operating procedures (SOPs).

The CCS technology platform is built on open industry standards, enabling the development of specialized applications and seamless integration with edge devices and third-party solutions. It integrates with more than 600 solutions for critical environments, empowering facilities to adopt best-in-class technology while ensuring seamless interoperability.

Optical Systems Design will show its PoE media converters, layer 2 managed switches and new ethernet solutions to SAGE. OSD’s latest PoE media converter solution was developed in association with AFL for installation in a smart pole or other confined space. You’ll also get a chance to see OSD’s range of Australian-made layer 2 managed switches and the latest products supporting IEEE802.3bt PoE. Importantly, as well as securing networks through its product range, OSD can also undertake custom work. Something else to check out at OSD’s stand will be the company’s new ethernet-focused brand, OSD Networks.

At SAGE Traka ASSA ABLOY, a leading provider of unified key and equipment management solutions, will demonstrate how organisations can securely manage, control and audit all types of items within their environment. Traka’s solutions manage access to keys and equipment, which have the ability automate management processes, minimise effort, enforce security protocols and provide a complete audit trail of the system activity, events and alarms. Traka solutions deliver this functionality 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with features such as curfews and email notifications, fault management, multiple authorisations, access schedules and release all doors.

Traka will also demonstrate how to improve control of items within an organisation’s environment through its real-time update service and its ability to integrate with existing third-party systems, such as access control. Traka’s Asset Return Assurance ensures critical keys, equipment and other items cannot be removed from the organisation’s premises.

At SAGE this year, Warrgambi will be showcasing its integration offerings, including electronic key management, entrance technologies, drone surveillance and surveys, CCTV and access control and intruder detection systems. The Warrgambi team will also be available to discuss professional services, including consultancy, fire and emergency design and consulting as well as customised training solutions.

Another interesting offering at SAGE this year is from RhinoCo Technology, which will be exhibiting its next generation of solar CCTV and security LED lighting solutions. Featuring either 4G or long-range Wi-Fi communications, and combined with a PTZ camera with artificial intelligence, you’ll be able to see what the market leaders now have available. RhinoCo will also showcase its new lockable vertical rack mount cabinet, ideal for securely housing CCTV, alarm equipment or access control hardware.

HID Global will be showcasing a ‘return to work’ theme at SAGE. Check out HID Global’s comprehensive contactless access control solutions and dynamic real-time location services solution, as well as experiencing the HID FARGO Connect solution, which is a cloud-based card issuance platform that simplifies complexity, bringing together all the elements of a secure card issuance program into a centralized and integrated system. SAGE attendees with also get a chance to find out how HID SAFESoftware solutions can streamline physical identity management across their organizations.

Axis is bringing its body-worn camera solution to SAGE this year. The Axis body worn solution includes a lightweight and robust camera, docking stations (8-bay or 1-bay), and a system controller. Implementing open standards, the solution is easy to integrate with any video management system (VMS) or evidence management system (EMS), including users’ existing systems. The modular design of the system controller ensures a flexible and highly scalable solution. All data is encrypted both at rest and in transfer using AES256 and TLS. In addition, video data can be fully end-to-end encrypted with specific integrations.

Another Axis product well worth a look is the AXIS P3715-PLVE dual sensor multidirectional camera with 360-degrees of IR coverage. AXIS P3715-PLVE offers 2 channels of video, with 2MP resolution per channel at a frame rate of 30 fps. This multidirectional camera offers cost-effective installation and flexible positioning of both varifocal camera heads. Each head can be controlled individually, so you can capture scenes in 2 directions in wide angle or zoomed-in views. The camera features Axis Lightfinder and Axis Forensic WDR for true colours and great details in challenging or poor light. Meanwhile, remote zoom and focus capabilities ensure fast and accurate installation. Zipstream with support for H.264 significantly lowers bandwidth and storage requirements.

At SAGE, EVVA will be showcasing it’s SCEC-approved (including SL3 rated products) 4KS maximum security master key system providing up to 133 billion possible lock combinations and patented till 2035. Another neat new product at SAGE is EKA CyberLock, the next generation of access control without the wires. The team will also be showcasing its latest IP68 rated padlocks fitted with electronic cylinders and utilising the innovative and third generation CyberKey Blue3 with the CyberAudit Link mobile app.

SafeZone is transforming how large organizations provide for the safety and well-being of their people and CriticalArc will be showcasing its SafeZone solution in a live environment at SAGE. Experience first-hand the ability to call for help or receive mass communications. View the command console to learn how a manager can view the availability and location of their team, openly communicate with them, coordinate their response, confirm actions have been taken, and issue new commands–all in real time, with a common operating view.

SafeZone provides response teams with a complete common operating view, to enhance the protection of dispersed people, facilities, and assets, while delivering big efficiency savings. The SafeZone App enables users to call for help in seconds, while providing safety and security teams with their information, which can speed response by 50 per cent or more.

SafeZone also supports mass notification, enterprise safety protocols and enables people to quickly summon help with their smartphone wherever organizations have duty of care. SafeZone increases the overall efficiency and effectiveness of security and response teams across large and dynamic environments at any location globally. Through real-time visualization, communications and response coordination, SafeZone creates a new benchmark for protecting your community that streamlines operations, is easy to use and quick to deploy to meet current and future challenges.

At SAGE you will experience how a field responder can act with full situational awareness and see first-hand how an individual in duress can interact with his/her responder – this solution is worth a closer look.

Argent is a leading bespoke Australian manufacturer of server racks, cabinets, enclosures and server room solutions to the Australian data and communications industries. At SAGE Argent will show a selection of its products, which are designed and built in Australia to strict design and manufacturing standards.
“Our secure data storage solutions are 100 per cent reliable and our complete single-site Australian design, manufacture and supply service enables us to give a 10-year warranty for 30, 40 & 50 Series racks and storage units,” Argent says.

Argent’s SCEC endorsed wall & floor cabinets can be found across the country in many defence installations.

Exhibitors at SAGE 2020 include AISM, Milestone, Inner Range, BM Doors, ASIS ACT, EZI Security Systems, OSD, Bosch, Avigilon, SRA Solutions, Axis, CriticalArc, CIC Technology, Honeywell, EKA/EVVA, Perimeter Systems, Warrgambi, Saab, Deploy Systems, Allegion, Geutebruck, Sektor, Traka, Gallagher, HID, Rhinoco, Argent and AMS Australia – don’t miss the opportunity to see their latest solutions at the Realm Hotel, Canberra, 11am-6pm, November 12!


Once again ASIS ACT has created an excellent seminar for the event including:

Seminar speaker 1, Geoffrey Askew, AM, Principal, Askew & Associates, and former Senior Executive (Security and Emergency Management), QANTAS Group, who will speak on “Rethinking Australian Aviation Security Management and Funding” at 10am in the seminar area.
Speaker 2, Julian Talbot, ASM, co-author, Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge (SRMBoK), who will speak on “Enterprise Security Risk Management” at 11am.
Speaker 3, Keynote Address by MAJGEN Dr Marcus Thompson, AM, Head, Information Warfare Division, Australian Defence Force in the main Expo Hall at 12 noon.

Speaker 4, Raymond Frangie, CISA, CISSP, cybersecurity expert, who will speak on “Smart Buildings: Cybersecurity Threat or Opportunity” at 2pm.
Speaker 5, Nicky Finn, agency security adviser, National Indigenous Australians Agency, who will speak on “The role of Agency Security Advisers, Accrediting and Certifying Authorities” at 3pm.

Speaker 6, Scott Taylor, CPP, JP, chief operating officer, Southern Cross Group, and NSW ASIS Chapter Chairman, who will speak on “Defeating Access Controls Using Social Engineering” at 4pm in the main Expo Hall.

As in previous years, the seminar format will be presentations on the hour every hour from 10am (except lunch break at 1pm) for 30 minutes, with up to 15 minutes for questions, then a 15-minute break until the next speaker.

Refreshments for visitors starting at 3.30pm will be available within the expo area as well as the Melbourne and Sydney foyers – the entry and exit points for the expo hall.
ASIS ACT will hold its annual dinner at the Press Club and all attendees are welcome while tickets last!

9.30am: Registration for ASIS ACT seminars opens, including registration for Expo
10.00am: ASIS ACT seminars start
11.00am: Expo Hall opens
12.00pm: Keynote address by Major General Dr Marcus Thompson, AM, Head, Information Warfare Division
7.00pm: ASIS Annual Dinner, National Press Club, Canberra.