Gallagher will be showcasing the soon-to-be-released Command Centre v8.40 – the team invites SAGE attendees to drop by the Gallagher stand to discover the feature-rich software at the heart of Gallagher’s integrated security solutions and to see how v8.40 can give even greater flexibility with Mobile Connect Digital ID.

From cardholder management to critical incident response, attendees will see first-hand how Command Centre allows them to manage their sites in their own way and deliver even more power reports.

Flexible configuration functionalities include the ability to set door and entry rules, configure guard tour checkpoints and arrival times, set entry and exit delays for intruder alarms, use schedules to automate access and alarm state changes and deliver centralised site visibility and monitoring ensures situational awareness for all buildings and the perimeter on both local and remote sites.

The system also allows security managers to challenge cardholder identities anywhere, anytime using the Command Centre mobile app, trust in encrypted peer-to-peer communication with access system controllers, check door and zone status in real time, monitor video surveillance, manage cardholder information and set access rights and responses at individual cardholder or group level, and undertake live operation and monitoring of on-site guard tours.

Something else Gallagher will be showing at SAGE are its high security solutions, which the company says are scalable, flexible, and trusted to protect sensitive sites worldwide. With government approved products in the UK, US, CA, NZ and in Australia; Gallagher is the only manufacture of equipment fully endorsed to protect premise from Zone 1 to Zone 5.

For instance, Gallagher PIV solution is an intelligent smart card that contains a certificate and private key which is used for logical and physical access control identity to secure federal government facilities and IT systems. Rather than the typical MIFARE access credential, PIV transfers certificates between the access control system and the card, through the contactless reader for granting or denying entry.

Meanwhile, Gallagher’s Class 5 is a fully encrypted, authenticated, and compliant solution that has been independently certified by an IANZ approved test facility and is capable of protecting high-value assets from physical security threats.

And the company will also show products to Type 1A 2008 alarms standard and approved by the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC). Gallagher’s Type 1A solution manages alarms, monitors sensors, and defends system integrity for the highest security Australian Government sites.