At SAGE, the Honeywell team will be showcasing Honeywell’s powerful integrated security management platform – the Honeywell Command and Control Suite (CCS).

This physical security information management (PSIM) system for government infrastructure is specially designed for mission-critical life safety and security operations. CCS increases operational intelligence and orchestrates people, technology and processes to help manage everyday operations and incidents in complex environments.

Powered by Honeywell’s Enterprise Buildings Integrator core platform, CCS integrates information from all an organisation’s essential subsystems, including security, fire, life safety, energy and others, as well as edge devices, and presents aggregated information through an intuitive graphical user interface. Security operators have real-time situational awareness across a facility and can respond rapidly to incidents using prescribed workflows based on standard operating procedures (SOPs).

The CCS technology platform is built on open industry standards, enabling the development of specialized applications and seamless integration with edge devices and third-party solutions. It integrates with more than 600 solutions for critical environments, empowering facilities to adopt best-in-class technology while ensuring seamless interoperability.

Don’t miss Honeywell CSS at SAGE, Realm Hotel Canberra, November 12, 11am-6pm – pre-register here.