LSC Team at Security Exhibition in 2019.

Diversified Communications Australia has announced that the 35th Security Exhibition & Conference slated for July 21-23, 2021, in Sydney, will be co-located with Integrate Exhibition, Australia’s premier audio visual and integration exhibition.

Diversified said the co-location would significantly enhance Australia’s leading security and AV and integration events, becoming the only exhibition in Australia to service both industries.

“For decades, security has been a platform for innovation and solutions for the Australian security industry,” Diversified said in a release. “Integrate Exhibition, also part of the Diversified Communications Australia Technology Portfolio, is Australia’s premier platform for emerging AV technologies. Now with the integration of physical and technical security functions sped up due to current global challenges, it is an ideal time to co-locate with Integrate – opening new opportunities that have arisen across both spaces as a result.

“In recent years and even more so given the current climate, in each events respective communities, we have seen increasing synergies across both industries that have given rise to growth in areas such as digital transformation, IoT, cyber and network security, artificial intelligence/machine learning, service on demand, interactive cameras and more – developments in convergence which have only accelerated of late. It is imperative that the Security Exhibition & Conference continues to evolve to reflect this direction of the industry.”

The ASIAL Security Conference will continue in its regular format.