The 80 Plus one-way sensor, distributed locally by Hills, is a dual element digital pyroelectric wireless sensor with a chip tuned wireless transmitter that communicates with a 80plus receiver, such as the one used in the ZeroWire control panel.

The learn-in process of the sensor is identical to the process used with legacy sensors – each sensor reports a unique ID code with each transmission. The sensor also reports the battery and transmitter condition (supervisory signal) to the panel every 18 minutes. The sensor has a detection range of 16 metres and the dual pyro sensor features 2 volumetric curtains for each of the 9 curtain sets.

Patented optical mirror technology delivers gliding focus, which creates a volumetric detection curtain from floor level up to installation height resulting in a sensor that never loses track of the object. The PI optical mirror is specially designed to ignore pets moving around on the floor without compromising detection performance for humans.

5D signal processing technology will look for a match in shape, size, speed, duration and environment to decide on an alarm condition.
The result is high detection sensitivity with high false alarm immunity. This family includes motion sensors with variants in detection ranges and a Pet Immune variant.

The installation process is made simpler with an easy opening and closing system, easy access when changing the batteries, easy access to the mirror optics, toleration of wall angle deviation and different mounting heights, limited loss of coverage when objects are placed in the field of the PIR vision and one mounting plate for all sensors in the series.