SAGE 2020, including the ASIS ACT Seminars and Annual Dinner, were held in  Canberra at the Realm Hotel yesterday, in accordance with Canberra’s COVID regulations, which currently include non-mandatory masking and with numbers in the main expo hall limited to 190 at a time, while seminar rooms were limited to 20, with sessions live stream to multiple locations around the venue.

The event drew 312 attendees, with staggered times proving unnecessary – the RFID tracking system, which counted attendees in and out of the hall in real time – indicated SAGE approached but did not exceed the room limit. It was great to be able to catch up with industry people for the first time in a long time, and to see the latest solutions.

The ASIS ACT seminars, which included an excellent line-up of speakers, were well received and well organised, while the annual ASIS ACT dinner, which was also run with limited numbers in the room and restrictions on movement, was another great success. We’ll be uploading more images over the coming days – these are just a few moments from SAGE 2020.