Australia’s Department of Defence – DSRG is seeking to enhance the emergency control centre at Australia’s largest naval base, HMAS Stirling, in Western Australia.

The scope of works of this project involves the expansion and refurbishment of the emergency control room (ECR) at HMAS Stirling, to accommodate the increasing security monitoring function of the base.

The adjacent emergency operations centre (EOC) is affected by the proposed expansion and requires some minor modifications to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

The project also includes decommissioning and removal of an existing key cabinet within the adjacent corridor, which will be replaced with new of larger capacity.

The works involve removal of existing, and provision of new internal partitions, carpet, ceiling, light fittings, furniture and equipment, and all associated works, such as patching, painting, decommissioning and commissioning of services. This tender closes on February 1, 2021 – you can find out more here.