STid and Bosch have partnered on a touchless solution built around a mobile phone ID. The collaboration combines STid’s expertise in contactless identification solutions with Bosch’s access control portfolio.

Users can use their mobile phone as means of identification when STid Mobile ID is integrated with the Bosch Access Management System (version 2.0 and higher), the Bosch Building Integration System (version 4.7 and higher), or the Bosch Access Management Controller (AMC2).

Users install the STid mobile app on their smartphone to receive a unique ID number. When presenting a mobile phone to the reader, the authorization rights of the ID credential within the Access Management System or the Building Integration System will be checked by the AMC2 before access is granted.

In addition to being touchless, the solution has the advantage of requiring only a mobile phone for identification, rather than biometric features. In addition to the already mentioned advantages, the mobile access solution based on STid and Bosch, will provide customers with the following benefits:

* Pre-configured STid readers can be purchased via the STid distribution sales channels that are compatible with the Bosch access control components in a plug and play way
* The option to choose OSDP v2 SC channel protocol for highest security in data transmission from the reader to the AMC2
* A free mobile credential as means of identification which is issued directly when installing the STid mobile app on the smartphone.