Crow MemoCam.

We’re trying to find out more about the original MemoCam sensor, which combined a camera, a PIR and a recording solution into a single device – does SEN know anything about it – the image resolution, the storage capacity?

A: Crow MemoCam was a PIR-sized device that combined a camera, a dual pyro PIR sensor, and an SD card-based recording system. This sensor was right at the cutting edge when released.

The unit was standalone, hard wired, had an onboard board camera, could store up to 6000 event images and incorporated a fully functioning PIR sensor. At the time it was claimed to have ‘ultimate image quality’ and it probably was quite good for the era – 4CIF or higher and an early CMOS sensor.

Our first memory of MemoCam is from 2001, when it won an IFSEC best product award. The product evolved – we have a vague memory of MemoCam Zorro being available in the late oughties. If anyone from Crow remembers the resolution or any other specs of MemoCam, please fire them to [email protected]