In order to help make the holiday season COVID-19 safe, HillsTrak has put together an automated people counter solution specially designed to allow retailers to track the number of people in their store accurately to ensure social distancing compliance.

“Many retailers have been doing manual counts up until now, but this isn’t going to be adequate during what is expected to be a huge Christmas rush,” Sarah Armitage from HillsTrak said.

The HillsTrak solution has a number of features including an intuitive dashboard which changes colour when capacity is almost reached. The solution also excludes staff members from the count to ensure accurate numbers.

Data can be stored on the cloud or locally that provides an audit trail in the unfortunate event a store has to show it was following guidelines. The HillsTrak people counter solution can integrate with current CCTV technology so there’s very little set up required.

“We need to really keep safe during the Christmas rush,” Armitage said. “We’ve just seen a Covid cluster in South Australia – stores need to be diligent and help look after the community.”

To learn more about HillsTrak’s people counting solution you can email [email protected], while Queensland customers can see the technology in action at Hills’ Hendra branch.