Sydney Trains is seeking provision of digital train radio system (DTRS) through life support and future enhancements.

Sydney Trains has a GSM-R-based digital train radio system (DTRS) for meeting its train radio communication requirements. DTRS is the primary train radio system providing voice and data services to all Sydney Trains electric and diesel passenger fleets for day-to-day train operations throughout the NSW electrified network.

All freight trains, heritage fleets and track vehicles also communicate with control centres through DTRS network within Sydney Trains network.

ST is seeking proposals for the provision of through life support (TLS) as a base arrangement with the following improvements as options:

• Potential options for maintenance support of the system

• Technical solutions and work packages including implementation plan for addressing obsolescence, managing system/product lifecycle and future roadmap for the system

• Cyber Security uplift implementation.

This tender closes on January 15, 2021. More information here.