Do PTZ camera mechanisms need lubrication of internal pan and tilt mechanisms after extended periods exposed to the elements?

Lubrication is a key concern when technicians are conducting routine maintenance on the motors and gears of PTZ domes but it does depend on the nature of the mechanical components used – older PTZs may need more and different lubrication than newer ones.

Ball bearing motors in which rollers or bearings support each end of the engine rotors may be a particular issue in older PTZs. In ball bearing motors, lubrication has multiple roles including protection against dirt in the bearing environment, dissipation of friction heat, and protection from rust and corrosion.

For modern PTZs, dry graphite lubricant is likely to be a better choice. Graphite lube bonds to metal, rubber, plastic and many other surfaces, to form a dirt repelling barrier that lubricates and protects the surface from pressure, friction, water, chemicals and high temperatures of up to 400C.

Given the cost and complexity of quality PTZs, you need to talk to manufacturers about the appropriate lubricant and the method of applications before you start spraying the internals.