An IGA store in a remote WA location has installed a comprehensive Hikvision security system financed by VSP.

“Our client was asked to provide a quote to supply and install the solution,” said VSP’s Zaki Wazir. “With a total cost in the vicinity of $A35k this was prohibitive to the end user and would have meant a considerable delay in the project going ahead, or the project being downsized.

“Our security integrator customer recalled seeing promotions for VSP Finance and made an inquiry about the application procedure and whether finance was available to offer to the end user to purchase the product outright. We connected our client with Liam Moon (Grand Financial) who gathered all the information required to produce a new quote that offered monthly repayments.

“This was appealing as no large capital outlay was required and so the IGA store owners gave the job the green light. Our customer requested that the total amount be paid to them (parts and labour) on commencement of the job, not at the end, and this was facilitated, much to their delight.

“After the initial highlight of the service and introduction of our client to Liam Moon from Grand Financial, VSP oversaw proceedings and received a purchase order to supply the goods.”

Wazir said VSP’s finance services were tailored for the security industry and covered entire projects.

“We are pleased to have been able to offer VSP Finance as an option for payment so that we have a happy customer and end user,” he said.