Databuoy’s Shotpoint gunshot detection system has been installed to monitor and report events down Fremont Street’s entire canopy and has been integrated into its video surveillance command center.

Fremont Street Experience security works in coordination with the Downtown Casino Properties, The Las Vegas City Marshall’s Department and the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, to secure the precinct.

“We are very proud to be the solution that Fremont Street selected,” said Kathleen Griggs, CEO of Databuoy Corp. “Our mission is to lessen the threat of mass shootings and we are pleased to be working with these properties to make this a safer city for tourists and residents alike.”

Operationally, Shotpoint instantly communicates clear and precise alerts that can cue cameras, lockdown systems, and send notifications for a quick and effective response.

“It’s one thing to say when a shot was fired, but it is especially hard for the human ear to hear where it came from,” said Mark Reddon, director of security for the Fremont Street Experience.

“This system will tell us exactly where it came from and how many shooters there are. With the bigger draw we are seeing to the downtown area, I am committed to public safety. Shotpoint is the best solution on the market and will help to supplement our human factor and keep our patrons safe.”