Traditionally, an advanced access control system has consisted of several layers of hardware, with each layer comprised of multiple components. The LNL-2220 flattens this into a single layer, eliminating the separate controller layer entirely.

The LNL-2220 revolutionises access control system architecture by allowing Ethernet connection directly from an entry location to the server. It provides the security, functionality, and modularity of Lenel’s proven hardware platform, by combining an IP-enabled intelligent system controller with a full-featured, two-door reader interface module. It is a new class of device that makes access control simpler, more powerful and more reliable, and is the perfect solution to enable any reader to become an IP reader.

Key features of the LNL-0222 include:

* Native Ethernet for direct connection from its processor to the security LAN
* Up to 8 times the throughput of serial-to-Ethernet conversion used in previous generation devices
* Faster downloads, a dramatic increase in performance, reduced installation time, and fewer connections-for greater reliability
* The convenience of IP-to-the-edge with the security of dedicated reader wiring through the secure perimeter
* On-board reader ports support D1/D0, Clock/Data, F2F, and the OSDP open standard for bi-directional communication with access readers
* Complete flexibility in choice of reader brand, technology and form factor
* Broadest support for biometric and smart card technologies in the industry
* Downstream RS-485 port connects up to 32 devices (64 doors), providing an inherent growth path
* Fault-tolerant, with the highest level of offline performance possible.