Hills has released its E-Shield active infrared barriers, which work with any alarm or access control and alarm system to offer flexible, long-range protection in multiple applications.

With E-Shield, modulated beams of IR light are sent between the transmitter and receiver to form an invisible wall of protection. Due to the excellent outdoor range (up to 50m), one set can be installed to protect multiple doors and windows along a building perimeter.

The R series is discrete in size at just 30 x 20 mm available in different lengths and will blend seamlessly into its surroundings. It has synchronised dual modulated pulse beam, coded to minimise false alarms. Meanwhile, the commercial grade D series is slightly larger at 42 x 40mm and is extremely stable with superior active IR technology.

The D series offers selectable single or adjacent dual beam activation, IP65 rating for demanding environments, is suitable for internal or external use and has easy beam alignment with inbuilt buzzer and led indicators.

Domestic applications include windows, patio doors, fences, driveways, automatic doors and gates, while commercial applications include roof penetrations, skylights, above pallet racking, glass windows, across roller doors (Before they attempt cutting through), side of building penetrations and harsh environments. Adding a Hills E-Shield can also prevent accidents by stopping the door or gate if something interrupts the beam while the door\gate is closing.

Models include:

S1977A E-Shield R056 3 Beams 15M external, 30M internal, 560mm in length
S1978A E-Shield R112 6 Beams 15M external, 30M internal, 1120mm in length
S1979A E-Shield R200 10 Beams 15M external, 30M internal, 2000mm in length
S1976A E-Shield D112 6 Beams 50M external, 100M internal, 1120mm in length.

Custom options can also be requested by contacting your local Hills team.