AWS Panorama - image by Jeff Barr of Amazon.

Last week, Amazon AWS introduced AWS Panorama, a machine learning appliance designed to add analytics capabilities to any camera, including analogue cameras connected via IP encoders, while providing built-in connectivity to AWS-based cloud analytics platforms.

The Panorama technology includes connectivity components, as we as the Panorama Device SDK (software development kit), which enables device manufacturers, like AWS partners Axis and Vivotek, to embed the technology in their IP cameras.

The SDK also enables third-party developers to produce Panorama CV applications, with AWS providing the deployment infrastructure so application developers only need to be concerned with the specific analytics use cases they are addressing – this streamlining is valuable for integrators and security managers.

Panorama technology offers integration capabilities through its Panorama API (application programming interface), providing a stable interface capability. Convergint Technologies and Stanley Security are leading security integrators who are AWS partners and were mentioned in the AWS Panorama announcement.

AWS Panorama technology enhances the full spectrum of existing video systems, because DVR, NVR and video server hardware does not need to be replaced to incorporate analytics into the video system. And the system has the capability to seamlessly run Panorama CV applications from multiple vendors in cameras, local appliances, and in the cloud.