NZ Ministry of Justice is seeking national alarm monitoring of 85 sites, including integrated solutions that include multiple buildings in the same location.

The tender requirement includes:

* Alarm monitoring of all sites (access, duress and intruder alarm systems)
* Alarm monitoring of offsite mobile duress alarms (ad-hoc)
* Alarm monitoring of private residences (ad-hoc)

For initial transition, there are approximately:

* 85 electronic security systems for sites (in some cases these are centralised systems covering multiple buildings)
* 18 MOJ Sites in the Northern Region (Northland – Auckland)
* 18 MOJ sites in the Central Region (Hamilton – Tauranga – Taupo)
* 33 MOJ sites in the Lower Northern Region (East Coast – Tarankai – Wellington)
* 16 sites located in the Southern (South Island).

Additionally, the Ministry requires monitoring on an ad-hoc basis for some commercial and residential properties, though these can typically last for extended periods.

60 Mobile Duress Alarms (cellular and satellite):

Note the mobile duress alarm figure is only an initial figure, the number of mobile duress alarms is expected to continue to grow as the Ministry rolls out further devices for frontline availability (these will be a mix of both cellular and satellite devices), a small number of these are deployed in ad-hoc situations to particular individuals where there are additional risks.

This tender closes on February 15, 2021 – you can find out more here.